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Words & Ideas: Testing theories of consciousness

Woodend Community Centre High & Forest St, Woodend

As machines increasingly match the capabilities of humans, it’s never been more challenging to describe the nature of consciousness. Elizabeth Finkel will take a look at the progress with a panel whose members are all globally recognized leaders in this field.

Words & Ideas: Proof (with Elizabeth Finkel)

Woodend Community Centre High & Forest St, Woodend

There has never been a more important moment for the public to learn about the scientific method. In the 17th century, the scientific revolution gave us a solid foundation for how to build knowledge. Elizabeth Finkel’s book ‘Proof’ reveals the scientific method in action in the 21st century.

Words & Ideas: The Shortest History of Music (with Andrew Ford)

Woodend Community Centre High & Forest St, Woodend

To be released in July, a new book from award-winning composer and broadcaster Andrew Ford, ‘The Shortest History of Music’ is a lively, authoritative tour through several thousand years of music. Packed with colourful characters and surprising details, it sets out to understand what exactly music is – and why humans are irresistibly drawn to making it.

Words & Ideas: City vs Bush

Woodend Community Centre High & Forest St, Woodend

City versus bush. It’s one of Australia’s oldest divides, reflecting two very different ideas of who we are as a people. How do we build a bridge between the two in the 21st century when our cosmopolitan capitals and parochial regional towns and country areas have never been further apart in terms of age, ethnic make-up, income and cultural outlook?

Words & Ideas: Sex, Science & Singing (with Robyn Williams & Jenny Graves)

Woodend Community Centre High & Forest St, Woodend

Evolutionary geneticist and singer Professor Jenny Graves will be interviewed by ABC Science Show personality Robyn Williams on her career sorting out the genes and chromosomes that determine sex, and her recent conception, writing and performing of a new oratorio that tells the creation story from science.

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