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Words & Ideas: Alan Finkel

St Ambrose Hall Templeton Road, Woodend, VIC

The clean energy transition is humanity’s biggest ever economic challenge. In Powering Up, former Australian chief scientist Alan Finkel shows how to remove the barriers that prevent nations transforming from petrostate to electrostate.

Words & Ideas: On Climate Catastrophe

Woodend Community Centre High & Forest St, Woodend

What is the scientific truth of the matter – how long have we got? What must be done, and what are the chances that it will be? Is Australia anywhere near where it should be? What might a ‘renewable’ Australia look like? Special guest speakers Lauren Rickards and Jaimie Button discuss.

Words & Ideas: On Pandemics

Woodend Community Centre High & Forest St, Woodend

What has science learned from the COVID pandemic? What have governments learned? What did Australia get wrong, and what right? What are the chances of another pandemic? And what are our chances of surviving it? Special guest speakers Peter Doherty and Christine Keneally discuss.

Words & Ideas: Shakespeare Vnmobled

Woodend Community Centre High & Forest St, Woodend

On the 400th anniversary of the publication of the First Folio of Shakespeare’s plays in 1623, John O’Donnell presents incontrovertible evidence on the true author.

Words & Ideas: On Peace & War

Woodend Community Centre High & Forest St, Woodend

Is the world headed for a new cold war? Or a hot one? How close are we to the precipice? What are Australia’s options? Do we have any besides the US alliance and AUKUS? Special guests Jim Middleton and Nick Bisley discuss.

Words & Ideas: On Politics, Media & Democracy

Woodend Community Centre High & Forest St, Woodend

Sheila Drummond Memorial Session. Amidst rampant lies, conspiracy theories, fake news, deepening tribalism, and fashionable fascisms, how can we shore up democracy? How can we assure faith in democratic institutions, including the media, and enliven grassroots political life. How can we invigorate Australian democracy? With special guest speakers Sean Kelly, George Megalogenis and Sally Warhaft.

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