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Words & Ideas: Shakespeare Vnmobled

John O’Donnell introduces his book, Shakespeare Vnmobled: The Authorship Question definitively answered

The Shakespeare Authorship Question originated with the attachment of the name “William Shakespeare” to the poem Venus and Adonis in 1593. Within a few years, several writers indicated that the name was a pseudonym, information simply ignored by those who believe that an uneducated man from Stratford-on-Avon wrote the world’s greatest literature. On the 400th anniversary of the publication of the First Folio of Shakespeare’s plays in 1623, John O’Donnell presents incontrovertible evidence on the true author.

Musician John O’Donnell’s other passion is Shakespeare. Over the past three decades, he has explored both the identity of the Bard and the many plays and other writings that are not currently included in the Shakespeare canon. Shakespeare Vnmobled is the first of a number of works detailing his research.

Why “Vnmobled”?

“Shakespeare Vnmobled* (*pronounced ‘unmobbled’). Since I’m using original spelling throughout the book, and since an initial ‘u’ was invariably written as a ‘v’, I decided on consistency, and the bottom of the title page will have the asterisked pronunciation.” – John O’Donnell

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