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Words & Ideas: Proof

Elizabeth Finkel

In the 17th century, the scientific revolution gave us a solid foundation for how to build knowledge. Elizabeth Finkel’s book ‘Proof’ reveals the scientific method in action in the 21st century.

She tells six compelling stories of how big theories, from Einstein’s general relativity to theories of consciousness, are currently being put to the test.

Finkel’s message is that there has never been a more important moment for the public to learn about the scientific method.

Elizabeth Finkel is a biochemist who switched to journalism. She co-founded Cosmos Magazine, serving as Editor in Chief from 2013 to 2018 and is now Editor at Large. She is the author of “Stem Cells” which won the Queensland premier’s Literary award and “The Genome Generation”. 

Besides journalism, she serves as a Vice Chancellor’s fellow at La Trobe University and on advisory committees for Latrobe University Press and Zoos Victoria. 

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