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Gershwin & More

Simon Tedeschi with special guest, George Washingmachine

Accommodation for this event is sponsored by Holgate Brewhouse

Ensemble Members
Simon Tedeschi, piano
George Washingmachine, jazz violinist and vocalist

“A common question about Gershwin’s music is: ‘is it jazz?’ Many would say that jazz has to be improvised. But even then, jazz is often defined by its groove and a grounding in the blues, that uniquely American sound and form teetering between happiness and sadness. Based on this alone, it would seem that George Gershwin’s music is more jazzy than jazz, as his music is also the legacy of Russian classical music, Eastern European Klezmer and French impressionism.

However, his music has such a sense of harmonic inevitability and flow that jazz musicians—those inculcated in the tradition of the music of Black America, from the south in particular—use Gershwin’s songs (and his brother’s lyrics) to create jazz. George is a jazz musician and I am a classical musician who loves jazz, and so our duo represents everything that Gershwin is and tries to be—a music for all people, in all our complexity.”

– Simon Tedeschi |

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