November Fundraising event!

The Woodend Winter Arts Festival Foundation is planning a November fundraising event with a difference! The aim is for 12 (or more) hosts to invite friends to a fundraising dinner at their home/location on Saturday 16 November.

We’re looking for some generous folks who’d like to be a host and help us raise some funds for Festival operations for 2020.

How it works:

  • Register as a dinner host as soon as possible (contact WWAF Foundation chair by email);
  • Invite at least 12 of your friends to dinner (an invitation will be provided to you);
  • Guests will be asked to make a donation (which is tax deductible) to the festival to confirm their attendance (we will email you the link and any updates to forward on to your guests);
  • Plan and prepare your dinner event in whatever manner you’d like to (formal/stand-up/sit-down/informal/shared meal/nibbles/tapas/bbq/picnic/etc);
  • On the night, there will be a silent auction (online) and an online video hook-up so groups can catch up with each other;
  • Plan/facilitate any entertainment that you wish;
  • Any donations for ingredients or wine that you or your friends provide will be acknowledged;
  • The silent auction will be open before the event for any of the confirmed guests to make bids on – we have some fantastic things lined up! Visit the silent auction page here: https://www.32auctions.com/wwaf

For more information, email the chair of the Woodend Winter Arts Festival Foundation.