Music and Meal Deal

Music and Meal Deal

A special offer – two beautiful concerts & gourmet pizza dinner

Take a leisurely Sunday drive to Woodend on 9 June for an evening which includes a fabulous combination of music,  pizza and wine. A perfect date night!

This package includes two concerts and gourmet pizza and wine in Woodend. Your first concert starts at 3.30pm with “How to Disappear Completely: Songs of Love and Loss” with Cristina Russo and Konrad Olszewski, exploring the nature of longing and sorrow. Cristina draws from diverse sources including Nina Simone, Scarlatti, Michelangelo, Jeff Buckley and Nick Cave. (Venue St Ambrose Hall, Templeton Street, Woodend)

After the concert, walk to the Victoria Hotel for your gourmet pizza of choice, with a glass of wine or beer in front of the cosy open fire. Best to head there straight from the concert, around 5.00 pm. This will give you plenty of time to linger before the next concert event. The hotel is within walking distance so you can leave your car at the concert venue.  (Venue Victoria Hotel, High Street, Woodend)

Finish back at the concert venue at 7.30 pm for the inimitable sounds of Joseph Tawadros, with “The Art of the Oud”, where you’ll be transported to another world showcasing the versatile sound of this amazing instrument. (Venue St Ambrose Hall, Templeton Street, Woodend)

This special package of two concerts and dinner is $90 per person, saving you around 20%. 

Your tickets will be separately emailed to you within a day of your purchase online. If you have any questions about this offer, please email woodendwinterarts@gmail.com.