A Little Bit Mongolian & Throat Singing with Dean Frenkel
Michael Dillon at Norma Richardson Hall

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Buckland Street, Woodend, Vic 3442
Norma Richardson Hall

A Little Bit Mongolian (Film Screening)

& Throat Singing with Dean Frenkel

Michael Dillon introduces his multi-international award winning film about Angus Paradice, a 12 year old Australian horse rider who dares to race with local Mongolian children in their dangerous long distance horse races.

Despite a bad fall in a training race he gets back on the saddle and does well, wins the respect of everyone, and in the process becomes a little bit Mongolian.

Then it will be our turn to become a little bit Mongolian, for one of the delights of the film is its wonderful music score complete with throat and harmonic singing, the latter by none other than Australia’s world class virtuoso in that field, Dean Frenkel. Dean will be with us and will astonish us with a display of harmonic singing and give us a taste of what our own voices are capable of.