Covid-safe conditions & ticket refund policy

Covid-safe conditions & ticket refund policy

We’ll be working hard behind the scenes to ensure that this year’s modified format will be successful and safe for audiences, performers and volunteers.

Our Covid-safe checklist has been registered with Victorian government.

Please carefully read the following information and ensure you comply with this during the festival events.


WWAF is a volunteer organisation that plans and coordinates specific community events.

WWAF uses volunteers to assist with the planning and organisation of these events including event set-up, pack-up and ushering.

WWAF contracts independent contractors to preform specific duties for specific events e.g., pyrotechnics, staging and food service.

WWAF also utilises supporting agencies, such as the CFA and St John’s Ambulance to assist with relevant tasks including fire safety, parking control and first aid provision.

WWAF requires all contractors and supporting agencies to be in compliance with Victorian Government COVID-19 Safety requirements in place at the time of the event.

WWAF will ensure that all contractors and supporting agencies have their workplace specific COVIDSafe Plan available for inspection at each event.

Managing WWAF Volunteers, Contractors and Supporting Agencies

WWAF event organiser will ensure that all volunteers are familiar with this COVIDSafe plan.

Independent contractors and supporting agencies will be responsible for managing their own COVIDSafe plan that is specific to their worker’s and business needs.

WWAF volunteers with Covid-19 symptoms will not be required to perform duties at WWAF events.

WWAF volunteers with Covid-19 symptoms will be directed to get tested as soon as possible and told to isolate for 7 days.

Vaccination Requirements

WWAF volunteers will be required to show evidence that they have had two or three doses (if eligible) of Covid-19 vaccination or have valid proof of medical exemption. 

There are no vaccination requirements for patrons to enter any venues, such as hospitality, retail, entertainment, or gyms.


Check-in Requirements

Customers, workers, and volunteers are not required to check-in using the Service Victoria App to enter venues.  

Face masks

Outdoors Events:  Face masks are not required.

Indoor Events:  For the protection of WWAF performers, artists and guests, face masks are mandatory for all patrons unless they are exempt according to Victoria Government COVIDSafe guidelines see:


Benefits of wearing a face mask

Wearing a face mask can help protect you and those around you. Face masks stop droplets spreading when you talk, cough, sneeze and laugh, which lowers your chance of spreading or catching the virus.

Face masks that effectively cover the nose and mouth are to be worn at all times during WWAF events held in indoor environments.

Volunteers will have a small supply of face masks to give to patrons that do not have one. 

Unless exempt, Patrons that refuse to wear a face mask will be refused entry to the event.

Indoor air quality

Indoor air quality will be improved where appropriate by:

  • opening windows
  • leaving doors open in hallways and corridors
  • adjust the settings on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems or air conditioning units to increase the proportion of outdoor air.         

Thank you for helping us stay compliant and safe during gatherings this year.

Ticket Refunds

Unfortunately the Woodend Winter Arts Festival is unable to offer refunds at this time.