Sense & Sensibility
Accademia Arcadia at St Ambrose Church

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Templeton Street, Woodend, Vic 3442
St Ambrose Church

Davide Monti, violino
Lucinda Moon, violino
Josephine Vains, cello
Jacqueline Ogeil, Cristofori piano


  • CH Graun Sonata in C major (GraunWV B:15:52)
  • CPE Bach Sonata in E minor (H. 577)
  • GP Telemann Sonata in D minor (TWV 42:d9)
  • CPE Bach Sonata in B-flat major (H. 584)
  • GP Telemann Sonata in E-flat major (TWV 42:Es1)

German music of the middle of the 18th century was undergoing rapid stylistic change, many composers caught up in the “empfindsamer Stil” (sensitive style), aiming for expression of natural feelings in intimate and subjective ways. But the best of these composers remained strong contrapuntists, and so their writing still owes much to their Baroque roots.

Tickets $40 full / $35 concession / $15 child

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